Novawall - Exclusive stretch fabric panel system
Online Upholstery has the exclusive rights in Australia to supply and install the innovative Novawall stretch fabric panel system from the US.
The Novawall fabric wall and ceiling system is designed to provide acoustical absorption with the luxurious appearance of an upholstered fabric finish.   It adds a practical yet creative and stylish flair to corporate board and conference rooms, reception and lobby areas, auditoriums and training centres as well as broadcast, recording and audio-visual facilities.
Novawall is only sold and installed through an international network of authorized distributors, each of whom has been selected for their professionalism and commitment to the designer's and end user's complete satisfaction.
Novawall installation is carried out at the project site, ensuring all panels fit precisely to the site conditions, eliminating unsightly "tolerances" required with the use of factory manufactured panels.

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